About God’s Morning and Subscription

At God’s direction, this blog has been created for the purpose of providing a platform for followers of Christ to share their love of God the Father, Jesus Christ, His Son and our Salvation, and the Holy Spirit who teaches, guides and comforts us. In these end time days of lukewarm Laodicean churches, where Christ stands at the door and knocks but is denied entry and is made nauseous (Revelation 3:15-22), and His name to the World has become more vile than any four-letter word, we all need to share, uplift each other and grow in our love, wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Him. If we focus on Him first thing in the morning, before the worries and concerns of the world have a chance to rush in and distract us, we have invited Him in and given ourselves, through Him working in us, victory over the day. No matter what is going on in our lives, every morning should begin as God’s morning. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

This is a place for those who know and love God, and for those seeking to know him more intimately and walk more closely with Him. His enemies will have to go elsewhere to vent, as that will not be allowed here. This is a place of peace, love, sharing, and nourishment.

If you would like to subscribe to God’s Morning and receive daily posts via email, please click on the Follow God’s Morning button to your right, or on the Home page sidebar. Thank you for joining this community of awake and awakening Christians. I pray you are blessed by it, and bless all of us with your input and sharing of how God is working in your life, through Christ our Lord. If you have a problem subscribing or wish to communicate off blog, you can email me at ejlefavour@gmail.com.

Ellen “E.J.” Lefavour, in Collaboration with our Lord God Almighty



2 Responses to About God’s Morning and Subscription

  1. Nancy Pitman says:

    I live in Rockport and have been looking for connection such as this! Thank you! Look forward to future posts.


    • E.J. says:

      Hi Nancy,
      So glad God led you to God’s Morning. Great to connect with a sister in Rockport. We all need to be connecting, supporting and holding each other up in these days. He is calling His Body together, so we might all be prepared to stand together, strengthened in Him through the times soon to come.


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