God Makes Dentist Appointments and Repairs Refrigerators

God fixes refrigerators

When I get engrossed in a project, as I was this past winter, I let everything else slide, including my healthcare. I had been suffering with a toothache for a couple of weeks, but just kept applying Orajel and carrying on. One day I noticed a voicemail message I had missed. When I listened to it, it was the dentist’s office calling to remind me of an appointment I had never made. Unfortunately, or so I initially thought, the appointment had been for the prior day. I called the office and explained that I had missed the message, but also that I had not scheduled an appointment. They said that they had called me by mistake, but since they had me on the phone we should schedule an appointment. The earliest time they had available was a month away, which I took.

Later that day I got another call from the office, saying they just had a cancellation and could I come the following day. I went and had x-rays and an exam, and found I had a badly infected tooth that needed to be pulled. I also had a cavity and needed to schedule a cleaning. When I was leaving, and went to the reception area to schedule follow up appointments, the receptionist said: “This is your lucky day. We just had a cancellation, so can you come tomorrow?”

People who do not know God would say it was luck, or coincidence; but I know who was behind it, and no one could ever convince me otherwise. The tooth was pulled, pain gone, and I was able to fully focus again on the work He had set me to do.

Then my refrigerator started making this dreadful loud grinding noise. It would happen intermittently at first, but then more and more frequently. It got to the point where I had to unplug it overnight so I could sleep. I would plug it back in the next morning and it would be quiet for a while, then the dreadful noise would come back. I told God I had a refrigerator problem and needed help. I looked online for refrigerator repair places and decided to call a local repair service. They said they would come the next day and it would be $140 for the service call and repair, unless I needed part(s) which would be extra. After I hung up, God told me to move the refrigerator, which I started to do, in the process unbalancing a large vase stored on the top back of the fridge, that smashed on the floor behind it. I plugged in the fridge, pushed it back in place, and returned to painting, not wanting to deal with pulling it all the way out to clean up the broken vase. After that happened, the fridge did not make a single peep, and was even quieter than it was before it started making the dreadful noise. It was being so quiet I had to open it to make sure it was still running. I thanked God, then called and cancelled the service appointment.

Without pulling the fridge all the way out and looking, I don’t know exactly what happened back there, but I think God used a piece of the broken vase to wedge in and fix whatever was causing all the racket. As long as there isn’t a dead mouse or something, I don’t worry about what is behind the fridge, so I won’t be looking behind it any time soon.

A few weeks later, the fridge started making noises again and I unplugged it, having no refrigeration for three days (Note: I lived in Jamaica for four years with no electricity or plumbing, so learned to live just fine without them, although I do prefer the convenience of having both.). At that time a friend came to visit and while we were talking I mentioned the refrigerator problem. She said that she had a small fridge in her studio that she did not use and which was taking up too much space. I went and got it the following day, set it up next to the noisy one and plugged them in. Both refrigerators have worked perfectly since that day (over three months now).

I continue to be grateful to God for taking care of my refrigeration and dental needs.

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I pray you are blessed, built up in your faith and Christian walk, and become an interactive participant in God's Morning. We are here as Christ's body, supporting and building each other up in all righteousness, in His name, awaiting His soon return. Maranatha!
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